Medical Beds

Medical beds are used in hospitals and care homes the world over.  Due to their incredible levels of comfort, these types of beds are now also available in the homes of individuals, whether they have an illness or ailment or not.  These are generally referred to as adjustable beds.  Generally, medical beds have slightly different features than standard adjustable beds, but this is mainly in relation the health and safety of the patient.

Features of Medical Beds

Medical beds generally have three main features:

  • Elevation
  • Wheels
  • Side rails

These are all included to increase a patient’s safety as well as making it easier for healthcare providers to care for the patients.

Medical Beds Elevation

Generally, medical beds can be raised and lowered in their entirety, making it easier and safer for the patient to get in and out of bed, as well as bearing in mind the health and safety of the carer, who will not have to do as much bending by raising or lowering a bed. 

Generally, the footrest and headrest of the bed can also be adjusted.  Although in the past this was done via a manual crank, newer medical beds are now fully electric, meaning that a user friendly remote control is used to change all these settings.

Medical Beds Wheels

A key feature of medical beds which generally sets them apart from the standard adjustable beds that are found in the homes of individuals are the wheels.  Medical beds always have wheels, to allow a patient to be moved from one area to another, for example for surgery.  Of course, these wheels are fully lockable, meaning there is no chance of the bed accidently slipping or rolling away whilst a patient gets in or out of bed.

Medical Beds Side Rails

Another feature that is found as standard on medical beds, but only as an optional extra on adjustable beds, are side rails.  Side rails offer increased levels of safety and security for the patient, making sure they are unable to fall out of bed.  Furthermore, they offer very handy storage space, generally being shaped in such a way that the remote control and emergency button can be suspended from them.  It also makes it easier to keep track of any wires or lines that are attached to the patient, reducing the risk of them being tangled up.

As you can see, medical beds have a range of features that make them safe and secure for patients, as well as offering them increased levels of comfort.  Being comfortable in bed is incredibly important to assist in the healing process of any ailment, as well as allowing the patient to reduce the amount of pressure on certain body parts.  As sleep is such a great healer, it is unsurprising that more and more people now want to have similar levels of comfort at home, which is where adjustable beds come in.  These are not only useful for people who are ill and at home, and require a degree of care, but even for everyday people who just want a good night’s sleep.

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Medical Beds