Adjustable Medical Beds

Adjustable medical beds are great inventions to help the ill and infirm to feel comfortable, as well as being a tremendous help towards the health and safety of their carers.  These beds are generally found in hospitals and nursing homes, or in the homes of those who have requested to be cared for at home.There are generally two types of adjustable medical beds which are:

  • Those that are adjusted manually
  • Those that are adjusted electrically

The Health Benefits of Adjustable Medical Beds

Adjustable medical beds are great items which relieve a number of body discomforts.  By reducing the pressure on the joints they enable swelling to be reduced and leave the back feeling a lower amount of strain.  They are also very beneficial for those who suffer from neck, spine or knee problems.  It is also reported that having an adjustable medical bed is particularly helpful for those who have heartburn when lying down, such as people with acid reflux.

Who Can Benefit From an Adjustable Medical Bed?

Because of the range of benefits offered by these beds, they are advised for people with mobility issues, making it great for people with certain serious medical conditions, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal stenosis

They also assist those with limited mobility, for example those who have just had surgery, in being able to get in and out of bed safely and securely.

Practical Benefits of an Adjustable Medical Bed

Some of the top of the range medical beds also have inbuilt massage features, for added comfort.  The first adjustable beds were only able to lift and lower the head rest and footrest, forming a V shape.  Nowadays, however, beds can be adjusted in a range of places, including the lower back, hips and knees.  This means that a medical adjustable bed can be placed in any conceivable position, giving the user maximum comfort.

Components of a Medical Adjustable Bed

A medical adjustable bed is made up of a number of components, including cot side protectors (if necessary), the vertical lifter, the battery backup, the motors, retractable cot sides (if necessary), locking castors, base cut outs, a massage system (on advanced models) and a reflex multi zone mattress.

It is important that if a patient invests in an adjustable bed, they also purchase a mattress that fits.  These mattresses have to be able to be bended and folded in specific areas and they also have to be able to return to their original shape when the bed is placed in a fully horizontal position.

It is clear that a medical adjustable bed is a great feature, not just in hospitals and nursing homes, but also in the homes of people who have a range of physical issues.  Due to the extreme levels of comfort that come with these beds, many people with no infirmity problems have also chosen to invest in such a bed, which gives them higher levels of comfort and a better night’s sleep, and all the benefits that come with it.

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Adjustable Medical Beds