How Are Medical Beds Used

Hospital beds are found in almost every nursing home and hospital in the world and are so commonplace that many people don’t even notice them anymore.  This can cause some significant risks as it is important to know how are medical beds used to be able to remain safe and minimise the risk of endangering the patient.  There have been several reports of deaths – mainly children – after they became trapped in the bed.


The main thing to think about when wondering how are medical beds used is the entrapment issue.  The areas of the bed that cause the most danger of entrapment are:

  • In the rail itself
  • Underneath the rail, next to a rail support or between the rail supports
  • In between the mattress and the rail
  • In between split bed rails
  • At the foot or head end

Fire Risks

With all beds, it is important to bear in mind the potential fire hazard they cause, particularly because mattresses are generally made of highly flammable materials.  So how are medical beds used to minimise the risk of fire?  The main thing is, of course, to not have any sources of fire near the bed, such as lighters, cigarettes or candles.  Many people who have a medical bed at home are at an increased risk of fire, as many do choose to smoke in their bedroom.  Besides ensuring that no smoking is done in bed and that no candles are next to the bed, it is also important to regularly check the cables of the bed itself, as an electric cable shortening out can cause significant fire risks.  It is also important to vacuum underneath the bed regularly, to ensure dust cannot get into the bed’s motor and clog it up, again potentially causing a fire.

How Are Medical Beds Used at Home?

At home, many people use medical beds themselves, even if they don’t have any health issues or disabilities.  This is because medical beds are incredibly comfortable.  They are also, however regularly used for people who require significant home care.  It is important when thinking of how are medical beds used at home that the same safety features are maintained: regular cleaning under the bed and making sure that there is no risk of fire, as well as ensuring that the user is fully aware of the functionality of their bed to minimise the risks of entrapment.

When wondering how are medical beds used, it is clear that the main issue is surrounding safety.  There are many electrical components to medical beds, which carries an increased risk of fire with it.  As mattresses in particular very easily catch fire, one of the most important thing to do is undertake regular safety checks of all the different parts and cables, as well as minimising the risk of fire by not smoking or lighting candles in the bedroom.  When purchasing an adjustable bed, the manufacturer should provide the user with a wealth of information on how are medical beds used, so that they are clear when it comes to how to physically use the bed itself and how to perform safety checks.

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How Are Medical Beds Used