Medical Bed Manufacturers

There is a wealth of reasons as to why you may be looking at investing in a medical bed, whether you are a private user looking for a good night’s sleep – whether you have an ailment or not – or whether you are a health care provider and are looking to offer optimum comfort and safety for your patients.  As medical beds have become more popular, there is a range of medical bed manufacturers around.  Choosing the right one depends mainly on your needs and requirements and just requires you to spend some time comparing them to see which one meets those best.

Care Essentials

Care Essentials is one of the biggest medical bed manufacturers in the United Kingdom.  They specialise in medical beds for:

  • Private homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Care homes
  • Community care

They have a range of different types of medical beds available with a range of different mattresses.

Willowbrook Adjustable Beds

Willowbrook provides both medical beds specifically designed for the health care community, as well as adjustable beds that can be used in the homes of those who just want some additional comfort in their bed, whether or not they have a medical condition to support this.  They have been one of the leading medical bed manufacturers in the United Kingdom for over 13 years and pride themselves on their high levels of customer service, including offering a free home demonstration service for people who are considering investing in an adjustable bed.

Back Care Beds

Back Care Beds is another of the big United Kingdom medical bed manufacturers.  They specialise in both medical and adjustable beds, as well as water beds and have been manufacturing these for over 20 years.  They are able to make custom made beds, where a user can give them all their needs and requirements and they will build a bed to suit these needs.  Back Care Beds also have excellent working relations with the health care community and have been providing medical beds for this sector for many years.

Better Life Health Care

Better Life Health Care is part of the Lloyds Pharmacy Group and have been providing health care products to the community and the health care sector for many years.  They offer a range of medical beds and adjustable beds to suit any needs.  They also have many different types of mattresses specifically designed to fit their beds, including memory foam mattresses to offer optimum levels of comfort.

As you can see, choosing the best medical bed manufacturer depends mainly on your exact needs and requirements.  If you work in the health care sector, it is likely that contracts will be in place with specific manufacturers, so you will not be able to fully compare the market.  However, if you are an individual looking for a medical bed in your home because of an illness or ailment, or if you are simply looking for an adjustable bed because they offer higher levels of comfort, there is an array of medical bed manufacturers available for you to choose from.  Do spend some time comparing which one will best suit your specific needs.

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Medical Bed Manufacturers