Medical Bed Suppliers

For individuals who are thinking of purchasing a medical bed for their homes, the task may seem daunting as there are so many medical bed suppliers available.  Being able to review and compare the different suppliers can be a very useful tool in ensuring that you are picking the supplier that offers the right service for you. 


Laybrook is one of the biggest medical bed suppliers in the United Kingdom.  They pride themselves on their outstanding range of customer service, which is demonstrated by their fantastic customer satisfaction features, such as:

  • The promise to beat any genuine like for like quote
  • A low deposit to secure any bed
  • A full year guarantee on all their beds
  • A seven day returns policy if you are unhappy with your bed
  • Free delivery in the United Kingdom

Their range of beds is impressive and Laybrook have dealings with both individuals and community care facilities.

Better Life Health Care

Better Life Health Care offers an incredible range of beds for both individuals and the health sector.  There are few medical bed suppliers around that have such a large range of different beds available, from the most basic to the most advanced.  Better Life Health Care will have the right bed for any needs and requirements, including tight budgets.

The First Aid Warehouse

The first aid warehouse is one of the medical bed suppliers in the United Kingdom that specialises not just in medical beds, but also in a range of other medical products and supplies.  They have very close working relationships with hospitals and care homes, but will consider purchases from individuals as well.  They offer a range of different medical beds, including:

  • Nursing care beds
  • Paediatric beds
  • Hospital beds
  • Community beds

The First Aid Warehouse specialises in products for first aid and medical diagnostics, and everything that comes with that.

Newstyle Health Care Furniture

Newstyle health care furniture provides an incredible range of furniture for use in the health care sector, including:

  • Birthing beds
  • Stretchers and trolleys
  • Linen carts
  • Mobility products
  • Transfusion poles
  • Antibacterial protection for hospital furniture
  • Paediatric furniture
  • Reception furniture
  • High backed reclineable chairs

Newstyle Health Care Furniture is a medical bed supplier that is known for having many contracts in place with health care providers across the United Kingdom, including many of the big Acute Trusts.

As you can see, trying to find medical bed suppliers should not be too difficult, as there are many around.  Depending on whether you are looking for a medical bed as an individual or as a health care provider, you may be able to get some excellent deals from different providers.  If you are a health care provider, it is likely that your organisation will already have a contract in place with one of these medical bed suppliers, and it may be difficult to order one from a different company.  Hence, do check these issues with your procurement department before you spend too much time comparing the different companies.

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Medical Bed Suppliers