Medical Beds Costs

Medical beds are an essential feature in any care facility, such as hospitals, care homes and nursing homes.  Many people who require extensive care at home, for example after a stroke, can also greatly benefit from having a medical bed installed, particularly if they require a carer.  However, medical beds do come at a significant price.  Medical beds costs depend, of course, on the features that are required for the patient’s care.

Boston Home Care Bed

Medical beds costs for the Boston Home Care Bed are around £392This is the most basic of medical beds, and features:

  • Excellent value – budget range
  • Fitted with feet or castors made from plastic
  • A user weight of up to 180 kilograms or 28 stone
  • Coatings made to facilitate cleanliness and hygiene
  • Buffers to protect the patient’s head

Fully Profiling Bradshaw

The Fully Profiling Bradshaw is a much more advanced model of medical bed.  These types of beds are incredibly similar to those found in hospitals, but designed to fit in with the décor of a home.  They generally come on wheels and have attachments to facilitate a range of medical equipment, such as drips or oxygen tanks. 


The Durham medical bed is designed to be used in care homes or nursing homes.  Medical beds costs for nursing home beds of course are higher than those used in private homes, and you can expect to pay around £950 for this type of bed.  This bed’s height can be increased or decreased through hydraulics, it has a rising backrest to increase the comfort of a patient, is operated by a foot pedal and has a range of optional extras that can be added to the package.

Harvest Adjustable Hydraulic Trolley – Bed Bath

This medical bed is designed for maximum levels of hygiene and ease.  They have a drainage outlet and handles at the ends of the bed that are fully watertight.  This bed is specifically designed to allow patients to be washed in the bed, for those that have no mobility at all.  Medical beds costs for these types of beds are quite high, and you can expect to pay at least £2,800.  These beds are generally not used by private owners, as they are designed for people who require around the clock care and have little to no mobility themselves.

Axelite Sitting Bed

When looking at medical beds costs, the Axelite Sitting Bed is one of the most expensive beds on the market, at around £3,600.  These beds are designed specifically for hospices and hospitals, allowing the patient to sit upright in bed.  They also have a quick release function specifically designed in case the need for CPR arises.  It is possible to return the bed to a horizontal position by pressing just a single button, with a protection bumper to prevent the patient from falling.

As you can see, medical beds costs vary depending entirely on the features that are required on the bed itself.  Of course, the more features that are required, the higher the cost will be, with the most advanced beds generally only being suitable for use in hospitals and hospices.

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Medical Beds Costs