Medical Equipment Beds

Medical equipment beds are used in hospitals and care or nursing homes across the world.  They are highly specialised beds designed to offer comfort and safety for the patients, as well as taking into consideration the health and safety of carers, nurses and other hospital staff. 

Medical Equipment Beds Features

The features of medical equipment beds are significant.  There are features to adjust the position of the bed as well as features in the mattress.  The beds themselves have a range of features and specifications as well.  It is possible to have medical equipment beds for the home, as well as within hospitals and care homes.  If you are thinking of purchasing or renting medical equipment beds for the home, however, you should always first seek the advice of your care provider, to ensure you are getting the right features, mattress and optional extras.

Medical Equipment Beds Frames

The frames of medical equipment beds have many features that can be essential in the care of a patient.  Some of these include:

  • The ability to adjust the head and footrest, for optimum comfort.
  • The ability to adjust the height of the bed, allowing the patient to get in and out of bed safely as well as ensuring carers don’t have to do any unnecessary bending.
  • Safety rails, which must be installed by professionals as there is a risk of entrapment if these have not been positioned the right way.

Medical Equipment Beds Mattresses

There are numerous different mattresses available, each of which is designed specifically for a different ailment.  For example, certain mattresses are available that have been designed for people who have reduced lung function.  These types of mattresses generally have vibrating parts that reduce pressure on the lungs and other internal organs, as well as being hypoallergenic, meaning they do not attract any dust or other allergens.

Other mattresses have been designed specifically for severely obese people, which have been made in such a way that they also reduced the likelihood of bed sores occurring.

Medical Equipment Beds Extras

There is also a wide range of extras that can be included in medical equipment beds, such as constructions to allow a limb to be raised, for example following a significant leg fracture; the ability to attach an oxygen tank and the ability to attach a medical drip.  These types of features are generally what differentiate a medical bed from an adjustable bed.

Medical equipment beds can be incredibly expensive, particularly if extra features are required.  Furthermore, when purchasing a medical bed, the mattress is generally not included, which will further drive the price up.  This is why most people will opt to have an adjustable bed instead, which generally allows for the same positions to be altered, such as the head and footrest and the height of the bed itself.  If you are considering purchasing medical equipment beds, it is important to discuss this with your healthcare provider, to ensure you are getting the right bed and the right mattress to suit your needs.

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Medical Equipment Beds