Medical Hospital Beds

Medical hospital beds have been specifically designed for those people who require medical care, be that in a hospital, care home, nursing home or even simply at home.  Their main goals are to maximise the comfort of the patient, as well as taking into consideration the health and safety of the care givers. 

Medical Hospital Beds Features

There is a range of features on medical hospital beds including:

  • Side rails
  • Elevation
  • Wheels

Side rails are positioned to give the user a sense of safety, although they can also be a required safety element for people who are at risk of harming themselves by falling out of bed, for example.  An added benefit to the side rails is that they can hold the remote control as well as nurse call out button.

The elevation of medical hospital beds can generally be adjusted to allow the patient to safely get in and out of bed, as well as putting less strain on the back of a carer.

Wheels are an essential item on medical hospital beds, as these allow the bed to be moved from one room to another when necessary, for example following surgery.

Safety Issues with Medical Hospital Beds

There have been some concerns around the safety of medical hospital beds, particularly since two children have died by becoming entrapped in the bed and effectively choking to death.  Furthermore, those patients that spend a considerable amount of time sitting up in medical hospital beds have been shown to have more rounded spines, particularly since they are more likely to brace themselves to stop the slipping motion.

Medical Hospital Beds Mattresses

There is a range of different mattresses available for medical hospital beds, which are designed to support specific issues.  Certain beds, for example, are made especially for people who have reduced lung function, by providing materials that reduce pressure on the chest area.  Furthermore, these mattresses generally have a vibrating function to improve circulation, as well as being made from hypoallergenic materials.

Other mattresses are designed specifically for obese people.  Normal medical hospital beds mattresses can carry around 180 kilograms, or 24 stone.  Severely obese people will easily weigh more than that.  Furthermore, they are likely to have to spend considerable amounts of time in bed and are hence at an increased risk of bedsores. 

Other mattresses are filled with air, which is said to reduce levels of back pain.

Purchasing Medical Hospital Beds

It is possible to purchase medical hospital beds, but these come at a very high price.  Most people would opt, wherever possible, to buy adjustable beds instead, which are generally much cheaper and have very similar features.  If you are looking at purchasing medical hospital beds, it is important to speak firstly to your health care provider, as they will be able to tell you exactly what sort of mattress you need and whether you could make do with a standard adjustable bed.

As you can see, medical hospitals beds are designed specifically to provide both the patient and the carer with maximum comfort and reduce the amount of strain on the patient’s body.

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Medical Hospital Beds