Used Medical Beds

Sleep has always been and will always be the best healer and hence it is important to have a comfortable medical bed if you need to recover from an illness or ailment.  Medical beds, however, are different from beds that are used in people’s homes, in as such that they are specifically designed for those people that need extensive care.  However, medical beds can be very expensive, and it may be worth looking at used medical beds if you are thinking of purchasing one.

When Do You Need a Medical Bed?

As treatment for an illness or ailment generally extends beyond the walls of a hospital, many people look into having the same level of comfort and protection in their bed at home.  It is also possible that people become terminally ill and prefer to spend their last days at home, rather than in a clinical environment.  For these people in particular, it may be a waste of money to purchase a brand new medical bed, and looking into used medical beds may be a much cheaper option.

What Type of Used Medical Beds Are Best?

There are two main types of used medical beds available on the market:

  • Manual hospital beds
  • Electric hospital beds

Manual hospital beds are generally a lot cheaper than their electric counterparts.  However, someone needs to be physically able to use the manual controls to adjust the parts of the bed, which can require some degree of physical strength.

Where Can I Find Used Medical Beds?

There are numerous companies available that specialise in selling and renting used medical beds to patients that need them.  It is also possible that a medical bed is lent to a patient by the hospital, particularly if it is more cost effective for a hospital to ensure the patient is treated at home.

If you are looking at purchasing used medical beds, you may be best off talking to your health care provider first.  They will be able to advise you on whether or not you actually require a medical bed – adjustable beds offer much of the same features but at much lower prices.  If you do need used medical beds specifically, your health care provider will be more than likely to be able to tell you the type of features it will need to have and which mattress is best for you, as well possibly being able to direct you to the best places to approach to purchase used medical beds.

As you can see, if you do require a medical bed for your care in the home, you may want to consider used medical beds, rather than purchasing a new one as they are incredibly expensive pieces of furniture.  You could also look into renting a medical bed.  Often, companies that offer used medical beds for sale will also offer them to rent, with the option of purchasing the bed at a reduced price if it transpires that you will need to bed for longer periods of time than initially expected. 

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Used Medical Beds