What Are Medical Beds Used For

Medical beds are commonplace in a range of different settings.  Their main purpose is to provide comfort to the patient, allowing them to heal quicker – sleep is, after all, the best healer – as well as ensuring that those who care for the patients do not put unnecessary strain on their backs and joints.  All of this is achieved by providing different types of mattresses that are specifically for certain ailments, as well as being able to alter the position of the beds.

What Are Medical Beds Used For in Hospitals?

Medical beds in hospitals are used to provide people with interim care, whilst they undergo surgery or need to recover.  These beds have a range of features:

  • Standard comfortable mattresses
  • The ability to raise the headrest
  • The ability to raise the footrest
  • The ability to lower and raise the entire bed
  • Safety railings on the side, that double up as a storage facility for remote controls and emergency call buttons

On certain hospital wards, the hospital beds will be more specifically tailored to a person’s illness by providing different types of mattresses that are specifically designed to reduce pressure on certain body parts or that are able to carry heavier weights.

What Are Medical Beds Used For in Care Homes and Nursing Home

In care homes and nursing homes, medical beds are mainly used to provide the elderly with the highest possible levels of comfort.  Some degree of medical care is also provided in nursing homes and care homes, of course, and the medical beds are designed in such a way that they can provide this.  However, for extensive care, inhabitants of a nursing or care home will generally be sent to hospital instead.

What Are Medical Beds Used For in The Home?

Medical beds are also regularly used in the home.  If it looks like this type of bed is necessary for an extensive period of time, the healthcare professional will, wherever possible, suggest investing in an adjustable bed.  These are generally much cheaper but don’t have the features that can be found on medical beds, allowing for easier care.

If a medical bed is truly necessary, which is often the case in situations where the terminally ill want to spend their last days at home, for example, a hospital may agree to lend out a medical bed.  There are also many companies that rent out medical beds, as they are generally not needed for extensive periods of time. 

So, if you are wondering what are medical beds used for, the answer is mainly to provide those with illnesses and ailments a higher level of comfort.  It is agreed by medical professionals all across the world that there is no better medicine than sleep, and a good night’s sleep can only be achieved in beds that are not only comfortable but also safe for the user.  A mentally ill person, for example, may be a danger to themselves by deliberately throwing themselves out of bed.  Medical beds can be lowered to the ground so the fall will be minimum, as well as having safety side rails to make it more difficult for a patient to achieve a fall.

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What Are Medical Beds Used For