When Are Medical Beds Used

Medical beds are used in a variety of settings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospices
  • In the home

They are designed to provide maximum levels of comfort and security, as well as taking into consideration the health and safety of care providers, by reducing the amount of bending they need to do.

When Are Medical Beds Used for Safety?

It has been found that when medical beds are used in an inappropriate way, they actually pose a significant risk to the patient.  Some of the main risks exist from the bed itself, in as such that patients can become entrapped in the bed, potentially leading to suffocation and death as has happened on several occasions now.

It has also been found, however, that transferring a patient from one bed to another poses additional risks and it is now advised that a patient remains in the same bed whenever possible.  The main risk posed to patients who are being transferred from one bed to another is the risk of infection, and in particular MRSA.

When Are Medical Beds Used for Obese People?

People who are morbidly obese often have limited to no mobility.  This puts them at significant risk of developing bed sores, both from being in the same position all the time and from the skin folds touching each other.  Using a medical bed for morbidly obese people can be of great assistance in offering them increased levels of comfort.  Furthermore, certain medical beds are specifically designed to support the morbidly obese, as general beds – including some medical beds – are not designed to support weights of over 180 kilograms, or 24 stone.

When Are Medical Beds Used for People With Lung Disease?

Many people who suffer from lung disease have significant issues in bed, as the pressure of their bodies on their lungs makes it very difficult for them to breathe.  People with lung disease are also more susceptible to allergens and often require specialised mattresses and bedding, which is often available on medical beds.  Medical beds will also offer the possibility of attaching an oxygen tank to the frame, as well as being able to support apnoea mats, if the patient suffers from that condition.

When Are Medical Beds Used for Children?

There are specific medical beds used for children, known as paediatric beds.  These generally look like cots and have high raised side bars.  Many children dislike staying in these beds, particularly if they have already moved into a regular toddler bed at home.  However, paediatric medical beds pose less risk of entrapment and falls for children and are hence often chosen so long as the child still fits in it.

As you can see, if you are wondering when are medical beds used, the answer would be: for an incredible range of situations.  They can be used in medical health care settings but also in the home, depending on the needs and requirements of the patient.  Many people, for example, will choose to spend their last days at home and will require medical beds to keep them comfortable in this period.

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When Are Medical Beds Used