Where Are Medical Beds Used

Medical beds are designed to give patients increased levels of comfort.  It is widely agreed by medical professionals the world over that sleep is the best healer, and this can only be achieved in a comfortable bed.  Furthermore, certain people with very specific ailments need to stay in bed for long periods of time and are hence at an increased risk of bed sores and pressure points, for which medical beds have specifically designed mattresses.  Lastly, medical beds are also designed in such a way that they consider the health and safety of care staff, by minimising the amount of bending and stretching they need to do.

In Hospitals

Hospitals are, of course, the main place where medical beds are used.  There are standard medical beds that are found on wards with general ailments, but also more specific ones, for example for people with lung disease.  These types of beds have a range of special features, including:

  • Special mattresses that reduce the amount of pressure on the lungs
  • Vibrating functions that improve circulation around the lungs
  • Mattresses made of materials that are hypoallergenic and hence reduce the amount of allergens, which can significantly hamper a person’s ability to breathe.

In Mental Institutions

Another place where medical beds are used is mental institutions.  Mental patients regularly pose a significant risk of danger to themselves, particularly if they have entered a form of psychosis.  At times, it is necessary to strap these people to their bed for a short period of time until they have calmed down.  Furthermore, mental patients are at an increased risk of falling out of bed, whether deliberately or accidentally, and hence require additional safety features to minimise the chances of them falling out of bed as well as minimising the impact should they be able to fall out of bed.

In Care Homes and Nursing Homes

Care and nursing homes also use medical beds in the care of their residents.  They are generally slightly less advanced than the beds found in hospitals, but do allow employees of the homes to provide immediate care to the residents if necessary.  In case of more urgent care, they will of course be taken to hospital.

In The Home

One other place where you are likely to come across medical beds is in the homes of people with significant illnesses.  However, real medical beds are incredibly expensive and purchasing one may not always be an option.  Many people choose to hire one instead, or are offered one on loan from the hospital.  It happens quite regularly that people who are terminally ill want to spend their last days at home with their families rather than in the clinical environment of a hospital, and these people will require specific medical beds that are able to hold specialist equipment such as drips for example.

As you can see, if you are wondering where are medical beds used, the answer will be: wherever people require medical care.  That can be in a care environment, but also in the home.

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Where Are Medical Beds Used