Where To Buy Medical Beds

Medical beds are extremely beneficial pieces of equipment for anyone who is suffering from a medical problem.  Useful not only for people with pain in their back, muscles and joints, they are also often used by mentally ill patients, the elderly and even children.  If you are looking into buying a medical bed there are a few options available to you.

Buying Medical Beds from Manufacturers

One place to buy medical beds from, is of course straight from the manufacturer.  However, this does mean that you will have to buy a brand new bed, which is not always a good idea for private individuals, as they come at a considerable expense.  For hospitals and care homes, however, new medicals beds should always be brand new.  However, the procurement department of the healthcare centres will generally already have contracts in place, so it is important to check first which manufacturer you can use.  Some of the biggest medical bed manufacturers in the United Kingdom include:

  • Better Life Healthcare
  • Bed Adjustable
  • Patient
  • Fen Digital
  • The Med Web

Buying Second Hand Medical Beds

If you are not able to buy a brand new medical bed, you may be wondering where to buy medical beds second hand.  There are many manufacturers who are able to offer such a service.  However, it is also possible to scout some private advertisements and purchase a medical bed from a private user who no longer requires the bed.

Renting Second Hand Medical Beds

Another option when you wonder where to buy medical beds is to hire one first.  It may be possible that you only require a medical bed for a short period of time, as your illness is not supposed to last very long, or perhaps it is being used to see out the final days of a patient’s life.  Generally, companies that offer medical beds for rent will also allow you to purchase the bed at a reduced price should it transpire that the bed will be required for a much longer period of time.

When thinking of where to buy medical beds, it is important to remember that you will require more than just the frame.  They are generally sold without a mattress, which you will need to buy separately.  You will also need to spend some time considering exactly what uses the medical bed will  have for you, as they come with a range of different features, specifically designed for certain illnesses.  When you have found where to buy medical beds, you will probably also have found the supplier of the mattresses, as these are generally supplied by the same company.  Again, it is important to think of your exact needs and requirements first, as there are many different mattresses available to suit a variety of needs.

As you can see, there are many places to go when looking for where to buy medical beds, with suppliers being the easiest place but also generally the most expensive.  If you are looking for the cheapest option, you may want to consider renting a medical bed instead of purchasing it, with the option of buying it later.

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Where To Buy Medical Beds