Why Are Medical Beds Used

Medical beds are found the world over in hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, sheltered accommodation and community care buildings.  They come in a variety of designs with a range of special features and also different types of mattresses to suit the needs of an individual patient.  So if you are wondering why are medical beds used, the answer would be that it depends entirely on the patient.

Medical Beds and Comfort

The main reason as to why are medical beds used is to give a patient increased levels of comfort.  It is widely agreed that sleep is the best healer and being able to be comfortable in bed is incredibly important.  Furthermore, if someone is in hospital, it is likely that they will spend long periods of time in bed, and will probably be able to sit up for at least some of that time.

Another issue to consider is that those who spend long periods of time in bed are at an increased risk of bedsores and medical beds are designed in such a way that they reduce the chance of these painful afflictions occurring.

Medical Beds and Safety

Another reason as to why are medical beds used is for safety.  Medical beds, for example, are used in mental institutions, where patients are at risk of harming themselves, particularly if they are going through a period of psychosis or if they are on suicide watch.  Medical beds provide the possibility of securing a patient to a bed, to ensure they are less likely to be able to harm themselves and others around them.

Medical beds always come with a range of features for safety, including:

  • Side rails which are positioned by qualified installers to ensure the risk of entrapment is minimised.
  • Regular safety checks to ensure there are no breakages in either the frame of the electrical parts

It is also possible to find paediatric medical beds, which are more like a cot, minimising the risk of a child falling out of bed.  Generally, the safety rails provide any patient with increased feelings of security, as they are not likely to be able to roll out of bed.

Medical Beds in the Home

If you are wondering why are medical beds used, one last answer is to provide comfort in the last days of a patient’s life.  It happens quite regularly that a person is terminally ill and requests to be able to spend the last days of their life at home with their family, instead of the sterile and clean environment of a hospital.  Often, hospitals will allow the patient to borrow the bed for the last days of their life, offering them the opportunity to be able to be at home comfortably for their last days.  It allows them to still access any medical equipment they may need, such as intravenous drips and oxygen tanks, whilst being at home with their family.

As you can see, if you are wondering why are medical beds used, the answer is incredibly varied and depends entirely on the needs of the patient using the bed itself.

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Why Are Medical Beds Used